Thank you for visiting Healthy Food Bliss. I began this blog as an outlet for my two passions: writing and cooking. It has grown into a great way for me to journal my favorite cooking recipes and keep up with the things and like. I’m also hoping it will help me when I walk into the kitchen one afternoon and can’t figure out a single thing to make. Sound familiar?

It can be especially frustrating trying to put together a meal when you are gluten free and have other dietary restrictions. Finding recipes that approach eating in the same healthy and grain free, unprocessed approach you are committed to can sometimes be a struggle. That’s where I hope Healthy Food Bliss will inspire you and serve as a great, delicious gluten free resource for your meal planning.

So who am I?

I’m Stefanie Edwards. A 35 year old woman who has struggled for the past seven years to get off the weight that piled on almost overnight after a bad run in with birth control. Something altered in my hormonal state and after that my weight almost blew up. Prior to that I had ate almost anything I wanted and maintained my a steady 150 lbs. At 5’8″ I was doing okay, although never completely satisfied with my figure.

Food Blogger and Gluten Free Enthusiast Stefanie Edwards

Fast forward to today and I am still 5’8″ but am now 65 pounds heavier. I struggle daily to find a solution for getting the weight off. I went vegan for almost two years and never lost a pound. I have done cleanses and tried a few weight loss products. I have been to multiple doctors and the one revealing trigger discovered is that I have Hashimoto’s. This auto immune disorder attacks my thyroid and can make it a perilous journey to lose weight and regain energy. I have learned that Hashimoto’s is genetic so it wasn’t the birth control that started this struggle, but it properly was the key that triggered my Hashimoto’s upset.

Throughout my research and discussions with various doctors and natural practitioners, I have learned that there is no cure for Hashimoto’s, but a lifestyle that is gluten free 100% of the time has been shown to have positive impacts. Eating gluten free as a regular way of life helps to calm your immune system. It has also proven to be a benefit to me in multiple other ways. I no longer suffer from IBS and my menstrual cycle no longer renders me bedridden in pain. I also saw a clearing of these weird skin bumps I had my entire life on my arms.

100% Gluten Free

All in all, I have been very pleased with living gluten free. It has brought me more value than what I have had to forgo. There are multiple options for bread and grain replacements and they taste delicious. It has become my on-going mission to learn about the foods I eat and find value in the natural state of vegetables and fruits (forgoing canned and processed items). I have learned how to be a good cook and how to properly prepare food in delicious ways.

Cooking with Pleasure 

Years ago, my parents came for a visit and as always I cooked our meals. I remember my mom asking me where I learned to cook like this? She was referring to my new adventurous way of cooking and experimenting with foods. I told her I got to a point where food had become so boring and mundane with the same repeated meals over and over. It was my wake up call, that if I’m going to have to eat 3+ times a day, every day of my life, I want it to be fun and taste good. And I want to enjoy the labor of cooking too.

So I began reading everything I could. Cook books, books on food, books about diet plans, medical research, cooking blogs and more. I’m still devouring content on a regular basis in my attempt to learn what will work best for my body. Just restricting calories or dropping out whole food groups has not been the answer. Adding in exercise has made me feel better, but my weight still hasn’t budged. So I continue to press on, enjoying the journey, for even though I’d love to be slimmer, I am grateful that the way I eat today, has given me health and wellness. The same I wish for you.

Blog author, Stefanie Edwards with supportive husband Daniel Edwards

Me and my supportive husband of 14.5 years. He’s the first to sample all my recipes.


I named this blog Healthy Food Bliss, because I want you find joy in what you eat. To enjoy eating healthy and naturally, without worrying about sacrificing your favorite delights. Trust me eating healthy and gluten free can be so delicious! Explore these recipes and find out for yourself. Cheers!