Pesto & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts -- Delicious Dinner

Get excited, this is a chicken dinner that will WOW your taste buds. stuffed_pesto_chicken_with_salad

When I came across this low carb option for preparing stuffed chicken breast with pesto and cheese, I was immediately interested. In search of new dinner options to fulfill my Trim Healthy Mama criteria, I was pleased to use this meal option with very little modification (I left out the sour cream to save on calories and because I’m not a sour cream person).

chicken_cheese_pestoI cut my chicken breasts in thirds and then pounded them out making smaller chicken pieces than the original recipe. Slathered them in store bought basil pesto (have tried two brands now and both tasted the same – yummy), and mozzarella cheese. I went easy on the insert of cheese on the inside of the chicken because after coating the chicken in the almonds bits, I sprinkled some cheese on top. Trust me the extra layer of cheese on top, makes a huge difference.

chicken-with-almond-crustBe sure you don’t overcook your chicken. I tend to let chicken cook a few minutes extra then recipes call for, but that was a big mistake when I prepared this meal at for my parents using their gas oven. Since I’m used to electric, I overcooked the chicken in their gas oven and it made the first pan taste dry. The second batch, pulled out on time, were perfect.

Cut open the chicken to show the pesto and cheese filling

Cutting open this succulent chicken reveals the oozing cheese and basil pesto. This tastes amazing right out of the oven, but it also made a great followup dish the second day. I was traveling and ate it without warming it up. Just cut it up and ate it as a quick snack on the go. A little messy, but made a much better travel lunch than stopping for fast food.


Paired with steamed broccoli and salad from my garden with balsamic dressing. I needed so little dressing on the salad because the flavor from the chicken was so rich it was the perfect complement.

Here is the link to Kalyn’s Kitchen for the full recipe:


Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pesto and Cheese coated in almonds and extra melted cheese