Bursting with flavor this gluten free wrap is grilled to perfection.

Rolling up the wrap and placing it on the grill, I’m smelling the scent of the bacon and sun dried tomatoes toasting and my tummy is beginning to rumble. This is one of my favorite go-to quick and easy meals, ready to eat in ten minutes. I love how simple and yet immensely flavorful it is. I was inspired to come up with a way to make this on my own at home after purchasing a non-gluten free option at The Fresh Market deli. The final verdict after having made this at home about ten times now, mine is better. Not only is it a relief to have it gluten free, but I am saving money not buying the costly deli prepared version and I’m ensuring it is made the way I want it each and every time (not always the case when a different person prepares it each time at the deli).

I mistakenly┬álabeled this a turkey wrap before I realized I had used chicken to prepare my recipe. The good news is, they are completely interchangeable in this recipe and utilizing a different flavor of turkey or chicken deli meat, will give you a different taste experience. I personally used one of my favorites, Boar’s Head Rotisserie Seasoned Roasted Chicken Breast — thinly sliced. So mix it up if you like and experiment with a flavor that works for you. Just like the optional sauce for the wrap. I use a mustard from Jack Daniel’s because I like the kick, but a softer, sweeter honey mustard would also be good or a Italian dressing, etc. My son gobbles his up without any extra topping, and I have to agree with him, it’s good like that too.

Ingredient List:


  1. Pre-heat your grilling machine of choice. Whether that is a panini press or a George Forman like I used. You could also do this on a griddle or on the stove and just flip and press, but I like saving time. I also plugged in my griddle to cook my turkey bacon. This was cooking while I was getting the rest of the wrap ready. Then when I was done with the following steps, my bacon was ready to place on top. My bacon slices cooking on the griddle while I warm up the George Forman Grill
  2. Lay your turkey or chicken slices on the wrap Boar's Head Rotisserie Seasoned Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Thinly Sliced
  3. Top your meat with cheese slicesPlacing the Pepper Jack Cheese Slices onto the wrap
  4. Top with sun dried tomatoes. Shown here is one full sized one, and then my other two torn into pieces. The oil is from the tomatoes, I didn’t add any oil to this recipe. Sun Dried Tomatoes onto the wrap
  5. Top with spinachBaby Spinach leaves
  6. Add your cooked bacon on topBacon tops of the ingredents on the wrap
  7. Fold up your wrapRolling up the wrap
  8. Place on grill and cook for about two minutes (more or less depending on your grill temp and how toasted you like it. I prefer my cheese to be softening and my tortilla to show grill marks.Grilled chicken wrap

I hope that despite the boring pic of my yummy wrap, you’ll give this recipe a try. It was an awkward item to photograph and something I’ll have to work with in the future to improve upon. But for now I wanted to share so you can start enjoying. Cheers!